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Dr. Maggs℠ Feet First System
Injury Prevention Puzzle
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Finally! The missing piece of the injury prevention puzzle!

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Dr. Tim Maggs

The Wrong Tests Are Being Done...

Dr. Maggs is on a mission to dramatically improve sports medicine by improving injury prevention. Dr. Maggs℠ Leg Length Test is the most revolutionary test ever developed and should be performed on EVERY athlete, injured or not.

His groundbreaking ideas are a result of over 44 years experience with thousands of athletes. Today's doctors and sports medicine systems are reactive and lack any biomechanical application.  Dr. Maggs' focus on addressing human biomechanics is the foundation of his Structural Management® Program.

BioMechanical Analytics™

(/ˌbīō/məˈkanək(ə)l/  /ˌanəˈlidiks/)

A detailed analysis and understanding of the human architecture in order to minimize the risk of injury and improve sports performance.

The Research Speaks for Itself

Dr. Maggs' 7th research study was just released!
Load Management in Sports Must Include Biomechanical Analytics℠

Dr. Maggs' New Research Studies Uncover Critical Findings in Preventing Many Common Sports Injuries.

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What Our Patients Say


/ Patient

April 8, 2024
Highly recommended... Very friendly and professional staff!! I had bad back problems and they really help me!!
Nav Ramjag

/ Patient

March 29, 2024
I have recently visited Dr. Tim Maggs for my very first time, and I couldn't be happier with the immediate satisfaction. After being in a car accident, I was in need of a chiropractor and after reading reviews about their expertise and care from reviewers I went for myself and confirmed the accuracy after being supported and cared for. The chiropractor's intelligence, support, and friendliness were evident throughout the session. Their expertise in addressing my accident-related concerns was reassuring. Grateful for their help during this challenging time. The entire staff is friendly, professional, and attentive aiming each visit a positive experience. I highly recommend to anyone in need of chiropractic care!
Christine Tarullo

/ Patient

March 12, 2024
I’ve been a patient of Dr. Maggs for 3 or 4 years now. Dr. Maggs looks at the whole body to find the cause of your pain/symptoms, and then develops a treatment plan to address the cause(s). Most doctors listen to what your symptoms are, then try to lessen your symptoms but completely neglect the root cause, therefore ensuring that your symptoms will persist. When I first saw Dr. Maggs I was very limited in my daily activities due to significant back pain. I followed the treatment plan he developed and we agreed on. Thanks to his knowledge and treatment I was able to get back to life as normal, as well as get back to my regular routine at the gym. I continue to see Dr. Maggs now for maintenance. If I happen to do something that aggravates my back I am able to get in quickly, and because of the consistent treatment, it doesn’t take long to get things straightened out again. I trust Dr. Maggs and his office completely and regularly recommend him to family and friends.
Carolyn Whitney

/ Patient

February 23, 2024
Dr Magg’s is amazing always has a smile and is truly concerned for his patients. He is very knowledgeable in his field of chiropractic care and sports injuries. We have been going to him for years. Never fails to get us back on our feet. Thank you Dr Maggs and Trudy for being such caring people.
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