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October 5, 2023

john tallman

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October 2, 2023

Halle Prentice

I went to Dr. Maggs' office my entire childhood. I always remember them having kind staff, extremely knowledgable practitioners, a consistent, reliable process, and an inviting office that makes you feel like family. As an adult, I moved away and have seen other chiropractors, and in no way do they compare. Dr. Maggs has solved every health problem (and conundrum) I've ever brought to him over the years, including those no one thinks chiropractic adjustments/work could fix. I just took a 5-week trip back to Schenectady for the sole reason of having regular access to his office. He and Trudy run the absolute best practice and I'm so grateful for the help and renewed hope they've given me!!
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September 7, 2023

Nora Sosnowski

Outstanding. Personable, accommodating, thorough.
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August 29, 2023

E. Cook

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August 24, 2023

Richard Hall

Really informative and helpful
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August 19, 2023

Chelsea Kestel

If you’re in the market for a chiropractor this is the place
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Ferris Family

My son Cayden Ferris has been playing high level travel baseball for the last 5 years.  At the age of 13 he was one of a handful of kids in our Junior High asked to try out for the High School team in our area.  It was a great honor to be asked, however in order to do so, he had to pass a rigorous Advanced Placement Physical Fitness Test.  While training for this test on top of his usual obsessive baseball training, he suffered a back injury while swinging his bat.  The injury put him in great pain and made it tough for him to walk.

After meeting with an Orthopedic Surgeon and getting an MRI, Cayden was diagnosed with a stress reaction/possible fracture of the Pars bone of the L5 vertebrae.  I later found out this was called a pending spondylolisthesis.  Our Doctor told us that he would need four weeks off all athletic activities and he would be fine.  After that time there was no improvement.  This was the case for four months and two additional doctors.

During this time, these doctors did not recommend anything else.  My son was at wits end and it was turning into a full blown mental health issue on top of the physical problem.  Feeling horrible and helpless that I could not help my son during this dark time in his life, I did what everyone does these days, I took to the internet.  After MANY failed attempts and finding someone that would help us, I came across a YouTube Video about a High School Baseball Player in the Capital Region named Kyle Rubilotta, who suffered from the same injury as my son. Kyle was a patient of Dr. Tim Maggs.

The video immediately resonated with me and I contacted Dr. Maggs’ Office as soon as I could.  After hearing the pain in my voice they took the time to speak with me for nearly a half hour and agreed to see my son as soon as we could get up to Schenectady.  Once there, the Dr. Maggs really took the time to explain the entire injury and treatment process in a way that myself and my son could understand.  He immediately set Cayden at ease and was the first doctor in this whole process that made him believe that he would get better.  Cayden’s entire demeanor changed.

At this point, Cayden is out of pain, no longer wearing his back brace and beginning to introduce activity and exercise back to his schedule. Our goal is to get him back on the ball field, being a kid again, by Spring, 2022.  Doctor Maggs and his staff have been with us the entire way taking my calls and answering emails as quickly as possible.  We feel like they are fully invested in this with us and we owe them a debt of gratitude.  Thank you Dr Maggs and staff.

Scott Ferris