Leg Length Test

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Dr. Maggs℠ Leg Length Test includes a series of tests and responses using today’s technology to determine a more exact femoral head height difference while the patient is in the standing position.

All weight training and rehabilitation programs, as well as chiropractic adjusting techniques, must become secondary to the Dr. Maggs℠ Leg Length Test which uses advanced technology to determine leg length. This test should be performed prior to any recommendations or treatment is provided. You cannot underestimate the importance the feet, knees and leg length play in the overall musculoskeletal wellness of a person. For maximum injury prevention and optimal performance, this test must be performed on every patient.

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Dr. Maggs℠ Law of Tissue Tolerance

The Maggs Leg Length Test™ is based upon an important premise: When the loading of a tissue exceeds the capacity of that tissue compensatory physiological changes occur.


Crooked Man℠

Everybody is Crooked Man℠. It's important to identify which crooked man in order to identify the challenges of uneven foot and hip loading.

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Dr. Maggs℠ Feet First Orthotics

Dr. Maggs℠ Feet First orthotics are the first step in the prevention of injuries. Dr. Maggs' revolutionary ideas are based on 7 peer reviewed medical studies of over 1,000 patients. His research proves that symmetrical feet and balanced hips are the keys to preventing injuries.

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Digital X-Ray

Why an x-ray? Dr. Maggs found 60% of all patients still had unbalanced hips while using orthotics and 22% had hip heights that were even worse (compared to their barefoot x-ray)! But symmetry and balance can be achieved by making a simple adjustment to the insole.

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