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CPOYA℠ Custom Foot Orthotics

Create Symmetry In Your Feet
Achieve Balance In Your Hips
Prevent And Treat Injuries

CPOYA℠ custom foot orthotics are the first step in the prevention of injuries. Dr. Maggs' revolutionary ideas are based on 5 peer reviewed medical studies of over 1,000 patients. His research proves that symmetrical feet and balanced hips are the keys to preventing injuries.

CPOYA℠ Orthotics are the fastest, easiest and least expensive way to alter and improve the biomechanical loading of a body. Engineering 101 stresses the importance of balancing the foundation of a structure. The human being is no different, and the first step in reducing the likelihood of injuries, healing chronic injuries and delaying the onset of degenerative changes, is to look to the feet as the origin of many of these issues.