Injury Prevention Puzzle
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Finally! The missing piece of the injury prevention puzzle!

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Dr. Maggs℠ Feet First Orthotics

Create Symmetry In Your Feet
Achieve Balance In Your Hips
Prevent And Treat Injuries

Dr. Maggs℠ Feet First orthotics are the first step in the prevention of injuries. Dr. Maggs' revolutionary ideas are based on 7 peer reviewed medical studies of over 1,000 patients. His research proves that symmetrical feet and balanced hips are the keys to preventing injuries.

Dr. Maggs findings reveal that a high quality over-the-counter insole is more than enough to create symmetry in the feet. But a second step is essential: a biomechanical x-ray.

Why an x-ray? Dr. Maggs found 60% of all patients still had unbalanced hips while using orthotics and 22% had hip heights that were even worse (compared to their barefoot x-ray)! But symmetry and balance can be achieved by making a simple adjustment to the insole.

Dr. Maggs℠ Feet First system provides high quality affordable orthotics with instructions on how to get this vital x-ray in your community and what to do with the findings. It’s the most advanced injury prevention program available today.


Need A Lift?

Instructions for Doctors

Thank you for providing a digital A-P L-S standing x-ray for this patient. The goal is to ensure that their femoral head height difference is less than 3mm with their new foot orthotics in place. One view is all that needs to be taken.

  • While standing with shoes/orthotics on, central ray is umbilicus and collimation must include femoral heads.
  • Measure the difference in femoral head height by placing the cursor on the top of one femoral head and dragging the cursor to the top of the other femoral head. Available software will give an exact mm or cm number.
  • If the femoral head height difference is more than 3 mm, please fill out this simple form. We will ship the patient the needed lift with instructions.

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Sometimes a person's hips are still uneven even with an orthotic in place. This asymmetry can be fixed with a simple lift. Please fill out the information below and we will be happy to send you a lift for your new insole.
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