Injury Prevention Puzzle
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Finally! The missing piece of the injury prevention puzzle!

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Dr. Maggs℠ Feet First Orthotics

Create Symmetry In Your Feet
Achieve Balance In Your Hips
Prevent And Treat Injuries

Dr. Maggs℠ Feet First orthotics are the first step in the prevention of injuries. Dr. Maggs' revolutionary ideas are based on 7 peer reviewed medical studies of over 1,000 patients. His research proves that symmetrical feet and balanced hips are the keys to preventing injuries.

Dr. Maggs findings reveal that a high quality over-the-counter insole is more than enough to create symmetry in the feet. But a second step is essential: a biomechanical x-ray.

Why an x-ray? Dr. Maggs found 60% of all patients still had unbalanced hips while using orthotics and 22% had hip heights that were even worse (compared to their barefoot x-ray)! But symmetry and balance can be achieved by making a simple adjustment to the insole.

Dr. Maggs℠ Feet First system provides high quality affordable orthotics with instructions on how to get this vital x-ray in your community and what to do with the findings. It’s the most advanced injury prevention program available today.