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Dr. Maggs℠ Feet First System is the most advanced sports biomechanics injury prevention program available in the country today.  
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Dr. Maggs has extensive experience working with professional and college athletes, and he is currently the director of Sports Biomechanics for TBL.

Dr. Maggs Feet First System is proactive in preventing, diagnosing and treating injuries in a way that is far superior to the traditional sports medicine system. His program is based on his 7 peer-reviewed medical studies of over 1,000 patients.

Dr. Maggs is also the team doc for the Albany Patroons Basketball Team. Every player on the team completed Dr. Maggs Feet First System at the beginning of the season. Each player received a comprehensive Structural Fingerprint Exam® and orthotics. In 2023 the Patroons played 32 games and only ONE player suffered from an injury. Amazing results!

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Dr. Maggs is Committed to Helping all Athletes

BioMechanical Analytics™ Case Studies

Professional Basketball Team

Albany Patroons

Dr. Maggs is thrilled to be Director of Sports Biomechanics for the Albany Patroons Basketball team.  He is also a former owner. He is excited for this opportunity to help these professional athletes using his BioMechanical Analytics™ program.  As part of his mission to keep these players injury free, Dr. Maggs performs Structural Fingerprint® Exam on every member of the team before they take the court. This comprehensive approach helped the 2019-20 team to play their entire season without any injuries.

Professional Basketball Player

Shadell Millinghaus

This video shows Dr. Maggs performing a Structural Fingerprint® exam on professional basketball player, Shadell Millinghaus. Shadell suffered from a right achilles injury, the same injury that Kevin Durant suffered from in the NBA finals.  Dr. Maggs demonstrates how this new innovative approach can achieve ultimate healing in everyone, even professional athletes.

College Basketball Player

Jermaine Ogenia

Jermaine Ogenia had a dream of making it into the NBA. After endless hours practicing, sending scouting videos, and hard work he found himself at pro tryouts. During a tryout Jermaine felt a sensation in his knee, he knew something wasn't right. After getting it checked out and being told pain medication was his only option, Jermaine didn't take that for an answer and began doing intensive research on his own. See how he found Dr. Maggs and why he drove from Maryland to New York for The Structural Fingerprint® Exam.