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Dr. Tim Maggs is a chiropractor who has been in private practice for over 44 years in upstate New York. He has specialized in the diagnosis, treatment and investigation of sports injuries throughout his entire career.

His revolutionary ideas are a result of his extensive experience with thousands of athletes. Today's doctors and sports medicine system are reactive and lack any biomechanical application.  Dr. Maggs' focus on addressing human biomechanics is the foundation of his groundbreaking Structural Management® Program.

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What Our Patients Say

Jarrett Starr

/ Patient

June 3, 2024
Great staff great atmosphere in the building, Dr Maggs is the truth, highly recommended!!
Deborah Aquino

/ Patient

May 15, 2024
I found the office of Dr Tim Maggs Sports Chiropractic very impressive!!
Stephanie Macintosh

/ Patient

April 26, 2024
Nicole Pidgeon

/ Patient

April 12, 2024
From the time I walked in the door I was greeted and the energy was seriously soothing, comforting, and welcoming! Dr was exceptionally genuine, and quite possibly the best bedside manner I have ever encountered in the medical field. He keeps you on track A-Z, discusses your pain, cause, effect, and plan. He makes sure you know what’s wrong, how it can be fixed, and so on. He genuinely extended a courtesy service to help me feel at ease. Please please listen to me! As someone who suffers from awful chronic neck and back pain, ONE session I came home and relaxed and felt so so much better! I get tensions headache can’t get out of bed some days, and he unlocked my neck by adjustment and eased even a few days of pain until I Return. His wife is the sweetest. They truly genuinely care. He stayed so late for me. Thank you for your genuine care doctor, your serious dedication to help your patients
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